dude ranch

So here is the best idea I’ve seen in a LONG time:

WHO KNEW!!! There are actual ranches that raise DUDES!  I CANNOT believe that I’ve been alive this long and I completely did not know this.    And not only do they have dudes, but you can also PET them.  THE DUDE RANCH HAS A PETTING FARM!  How awesome is that?  Tres awesome.  (Tres.  That’s French for “very.”)

Forget hanging out at the Home Depot all day long pretending to be interested in power tools.  Go right to the source!  This is so awesome.  And to think I spent the entire day rolling around in mud when I could have spent that same time … only 10 miles down the road … at the world’s largest dude ranch,  bellied up to the petting farm.

I totally blew that one.

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